Tops For Leggings Fashion- What to Wear

Tops for leggings

For Fashion leggings all types of tops can be used. All types of tops Long, short, and medium size tops can blend well with leggings. As per the current fashion trends the following tops look simply awesome with our leggings.


Tunics are great tops for leggings as generally they look very good and impressive with leggings. Beacuse Tunics are popular and pair well with leggings. A tunic is a long top that falls straight down and can be worn as is or belted. Some short dresses are more like tunics and can double as tops. This melange print tunic has a slight A-line to it that flows nicely over your tummy and looks perfect with black leggings.


One of the thing to wear with leggings, because sweaters increase the value and worth of personality. These are the best long tops to wear with leggings is a sweater. This juicy raspberry sweater works really well this time of year and into spring. An oversize statement sweater works too creates width up top. This makes your shoulders look broader, which in turns makes you bottom half look slimmer. You get that pleasing inverted triangle shape. The focus is on top and not on your bottom half. A sweater like this makes it easy for women of all shapes to wear leggings.


For an elegant type of Tops for leggings look take a long, button up blouse, and wear it untucked over leggings. Some of the best long shirts to wear with leggings are shirtdresses. Many times a shirtdress will feel too short to wear alone, so pair it with leggings for a chic look.


Why choose Asymmetrical tunics, because they are slightly edgy and add a touch of drama to leggings or skinny jeans.


A faux fur vest is a great way to add some texture to your leggings outfit and look a little more boho. Be sure to check out my recent post on how to wear a faux fur vest. Another type of vest you could wear with leggings would be a long menswear -style vest. They’re also known as sleeveless coats, and when worn with leggings, because they look very modern and cool.


These tops also look good with leggings, but be careful. Because short tops work well with thin leggings. They can work with thick leggings and are super cool on twenty-somethings with rock hard abs, legs, and behinds. One may be in great shape, but a top that covers your bottom is much more elegant and sophisticated over 40. You don’t want to look like you are desperate to be a teenager.


Keep in mind that there is a difference between a full top and a baggy one. If you wear a chunky knit or long shirt with leggings, make sure it is the right size. Your top should sit properly on your shoulders, and the sleeves should not hang way down past your wrists. Because a little volume can look cool, and a baggy is just plain and wonderful. Enjoy your leggings